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One of the best animation quality I've seen for the imposter entry. Story is pretty typical but the ending made chuckle, nice work.

Nice! I dig the smooth animation!

I'm glad I found this one! It's a nice break from the light-hearted vibe you get from all the other entries. Good work

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What an awesome game. Only thing that would be nice is if there was a audio latency calibration like a lot of top rhythm games have, but that's super picky for a flash game.

All in all super dope, love the art, story, gameplay and music.

honestly pure genius. Super creative concept. Uses good puzzle game strategy where it slowly introduces the pieces and what they do one by one, an then it gets incrementally harder overtime, but once a new piece gets introduced goes back to being a bit easier before challenging you to use a combination of pieces to solve the puzzle.

A great classic, really wish the was a game like it on the google playstore for android.

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Great song, with a bit of mix-mastering work could definitely sound a bit better but I understand the struggle working with a bedroom studio

ConnorDeVaux responds:

Not even a whole bedroom, just a little corner hahaha

Background riff with the hammer-pull slide hits the spot!!
Lyrics are good too. Rhythm guitar seems to either have a phaser? or sometimes it's a by-product of weird reverb from mic placement, in either case it kinda makes it seem a little out of place to me.

Love the gritty sound of that drumkit ! Did we get a little of-beat at 1min 50 sec ish? lol good work powering past it and recovering quick

Overall I dig the song, seems a tad bit repetitive, but the focus is on the vocal melody.

ConnorDeVaux responds:

It's just a Chorus effect but I think I had it up a little high then dampened it down, might've given it some kinda distorting sound like a phaser. Yeah, I'm trying not to pen repetitive stuff but i liked this one and I couldn't figure a fitting swing or change but that happens sometimes I suppose. Thanks a lot for the kind review :)

Perfect background music for stealth mission in a post apocalyptical world.
Or menu music for equipping a giant mech robot with new parts.

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Love you style man! Honestly the cell shading style is so cool I'd most likely roll with choosing that over the painted but both are dope.


Art is super cool as far as character style and LOVE the color. Only thing is some of the scenes have an odd perspective, things seem a little warped or off balance and it can be hard to orientate yourself to view the scene. (#5 middle panel was the most obvious example of that)

Also I think there's a handful of typos throughout. (#7 "Everyone I have ever meet" *met & "That's a few to many" *too)

Other than those little gripes dope comic.

SkyTheOtherGuy responds:

Thank you so much for the in-depth feedback!
Going forward I’ll try to pay more attention to the perspective. I’ll get to work on fixing typos as well.
The colors are one of my favorite aspects of the project. Tropical_Bird did a phenomenal job making the palettes!
Happy to hear you enjoyed the comic overall

Thank you for stopping by my profile!
I do some music stuff and play games. Haven't been on Newgrounds for a while but I think it will be fun to get back into it.
Feel free to pm me for collabs or just to chat!

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